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NovaDreamer alike dream mask

NovaDreamer alike dream mask Some years ago, people interested in controling their dreams used devices in form of mask helping in achieving lucid and vivid dreaming. They were NovaDreamer and DreamLight.
Now manufacturing of these devices is over.
They have beem replaced by another device called the REM-Dreamer, device manufactured in Europe. This electronic device was improved and cheaper version of the NovaDreamer.
Now, next generation of lucid dreaming induction devices was created. Presently REM-Dreamer mask is no longer produced, because it was replaced by more advanced and improved device called the SmartLucider. This new SmartLucider device features a lot of improvements. Size and weight have been reduced much. Sleeping mask covering most of the face has been replaced by much more smaller mask/pocket. SmartLucider is much more comfortable to sleep with during the night. Programming of settings was made easier. At present, the SmartLucider is the best lucid dreaming device in the world of lucid dreaming. Also, the price was reduced a lot. The price of the REM-Dreamer was around 150 Eur and the American NovaDreamer used to cost around 300 USD for most of the time. The SmartLucider costs only 70 Euro. The device detects eye motion of REM sleep. When the device detects REM state, it sends special stimuli in the form of flashing lights and/or sound beeps. User may set all settings of series of cues very easily through internet website, which may be opened on tablet, PC, smartphone etc. Device communicates by special method with this webpage. These flashes can get into your dream and you are likely to have dreams about flashing lights. These lights and sounds inside your dream reality may remind you that you are dreaming while your dream is lasting. Thanks to that method you may find out that this is a dream. When it happends the user can do whatever he wants in his dream reality. You can meet love from high school, fly, teleport to Mars or anything like this.

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